ï»?!DOCTYPE html> Driving Profitability - One Process At A Time
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Our objective is to put the power of Business Process Management and Process Optimization into the hands of the Business Line Manager - the process owner. They are responsible for their processes and they are the ones that will be rewarded for their process improvement successes. We measure our success by their success.

Our Solution Approach: BPM plus What?

 BPM Plus Fully Integrated "Suite"

Ingenuus has taken a simplified BPM strategy and developed a simplified software solution that fully integrates all the common BPM suite tools into an single solution that does not require integration or coding to work, saving significant time and money:

Process Modeling
Design and Construction Tools
Business Rules Engine
Process Engine
Process Management Tools
Bulk Loading
Document Repository
BOM Management
Active Packets
Integration Gateway

Our Solutions

 BPM Plus Process Management

If we are honest we would admit that most of us manage our processes manually. BPMplus provides the ability to manage your processes without automating them. We create an Active Packet for each process, and all your process documentation is collected then routed for review and approval. Process management enhances current Lean, Six Sigma or quality and cost reduction programs. Our Plan2Profit program will fast track your organization to efficiency via process management.

 to get started on a Plan2Profit project today.

 BPM Plus Document Management

For the majority of BPM software, if you want to manage documents you have to purchase a separate document management product. Not with BPMplus. Document management is fully integrated. All BPMplus solutions are process "aware" and aligned with our simplified BPM strategy.

 BPM Plus Project Management

Managing projects is not an easy task. For the most part, projects are managed not as processes, but as milestones. BPMplus manages projects as a process, simplifying and managing the milestones in context. Rather than a "pull" management system, BPMplus is a "push" system, routing activities and action items like other solutions route only documents. Alerts and process timings keep your project on track, alerting you before something becomes a delay.

 BPM Plus Product Management

Ingenuus is capable of managing a robust bill of materials and changes to products. In fact, we manage product data better than most PLM products. Why? Because we have adopted a simplified BPM strategy and then applied that to managing product data and changes across the global supply chain. This makes managing product changes on a global scale easier, faster, and more efficient. We also integrate to any ERP/MRP software for fully automated change and new product introduction release.

Best of all, these solutions provide a remarkable return on investment. How cool is that?

BPMplus Saves Money - Less Software

Different departments typically use separate software solutions to perform their tasks, managed and staffed separately. When it comes to cross departmental processes and electronic document sharing, there are good reasons to use the same system. Once BPMplus has been implemented in one department, the cost of adding another department or process is either nothing or negligible. (In fact, once it has been implemented in one department, say, engineering, the software can also be extended to areas beyond engineering as well—human resources for example—at little or no additional cost.) Sharing software among departments also simplifies operations for the IT department, potentially reducing hardware, training, and support costs.

The good news is that sharing software does not limit the functionality for each department that participates. In fact, it enhances the overall work product by improving any corporate document’s “context”. That means that important links to other documents can be created and maintained in the context of a process which is more intuitive to the user. Bills of materials can be linked to their CAD/CAM counterparts. These in turn can be linked to applicable specifications and procedures. Product changes, discrepancies, and tooling information can all be linked back to the product source assembly. These can then be linked to vendors and easily accessed by procurement. Invoices can be added, well, you get the picture. The system’s flexibility allows each department to configure screens and reports to meet its specific needs. Within the respective departments, the software can be tailored to fit specific customer or vendor relationships, including securing data and allowing controlled self-service access to appropriate records. On a daily basis, the software can be managed from within the respective departments without having to queue for IT resources. The power of process automation is clearly put into the hands of process owners and business line managers. Various solutions, tailored to various departments and groups can now be deployed as fully integrated systems.