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Ingenuus is bringing business process orchestration to small, midsize, and large companies by providing the first, enterprise class Process Orchestration Solution specifically designed for manufacturers. Regardless of your process maturity, if you want to be more efficient my documenting, evaluating, optimizing and eventually automating your processes, Ingenuus provides an affordable place to start.

Ingenuus provides innovative solutions for Aerospace and Defense companies. Typically these companies are steeped in Six Sigma, Lean, TQM and other quality issues that must be part of any process optimization solution. 

Manufacturers in the technology sector have several process issues from ISO and TQM to supply chain and contract manufacturing.

Regardless of the industry you serve, and if you are a contract manufacturer you may serve several, efficient processes are your livelyhood. How often have you been frustrated that your processes are not visible to your OEM's? Do you have too many expediters to resolve issues when you know with just a bit more optimization you could be more efficient? Ingenuus can help.