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The Ingenuus solution for aerospace and defense (A&D) companies is a specifically designed idustrial strength process automationand optimization solution for manufacturers of highly complex products that have regulatory requirements for data retention, auditing, and configuration control.

We have the capability to manage the processes of virtually everything in a small, medium or large A&D manufacturing organization including:

 Document and specification management
 Product lifecycle management
 Engineering change control 
 Project management
 Quality processes, including Lean, ISO and Six Sigma 
 Front Office processes
Our document management capabilities insure that the reight version of a document, specification, work instruction package, contract, etc. is being used and referenced at the correct time.

Our ability to manage products means that you can have a process cabable Product Lifecycle Management solution that is focused on the various lifecycle processes of a manufactured product. This is the most expensive process within a manufacturing company, so anything Ingenuus can do to eliminate waste [cut costs] will go to the bottom line.

Our cutting edge engineering change control is all about product data and insuring that change made to a product's configuration or specifications is properly approved, and then distributed and implemented. Ingenuus can even provide a unified bill of material between engineering and manufacturing.

Our ability to provide project management means that you can finally manage your product as a process, not simply a spread sheet or a project timeline. Process activities are distributed across the organization, but coordinated and orchestrated from a virtual central point.

Quality initiatives are looking to eliminate waste within processes and improve the quality of products. In order to be successful, they will need visibility into processes; they will need to control processes; and they will need access to the information used or created by processes. Whether you adhere to Malcom Baldrige, Sarbanes-Oxley, ISO, Lean, or Six Sigma methodologies, Ingenuus can provide you with a Process Optimization "portal" that orchestrates all your quality activity from process documentation, to evaluation, optimization, and even eventual automation.

To address all the front office processes, Ingenuus have a solution that can manage any process, regardless of how mundane or everyday. Best of all, links can be made to other processes that are automated in Ingenuus without customization or integration.

For that search for efficiency, Ingenuus provides the necessary tools to optimize your processes. And, efficiency always shows up on your bottom line.

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