ï»?!DOCTYPE html> Driving Profitability - One Process At A Time
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Process Modeling

Flow Designer/Flow Monitor

The Ingenuity Engine brings together all the tools needed to define and map a process. It also includes the tool to create business rules, and modify end user screens. Unlike other BPM products, when you create a process in Ingenuus, you are actually creating a new application.

Process Mapping

Processes are mapped in a Visio like manner.

Business Rules

Business rules are created by double clicking on the visio-like boxes. They are designed to work without any additional coding or programming. Existing fields and new, custom fields, are automatically available for use in business rules.

Sub Flows

Assigned activities (called Tasks) can actually be sub-flows. This creates a more organic "link" between processes not requiring coding or integration between flows.

Process Screens

Each process generates screens. This is something unique to Ingenuus. Instead of creating "forms" from assigned data fields, the Ingenuity Engine has pre-defined configurable templates that are actually an application. Each new process creates a new application. This resulting application is more than just web pages, but an "in-context" environment for each user that consolidates all the tasks, documents, and links required to complete the assigned task. It is so unique, we had to give it a name - Active Packet.

User Assignments (called "Attendees")

Users are assigned to complete activities called "Tasks" or "Action Items". Roles can also be assigned to Tasks.

Access Control

Access to information and documents are controlled via the process, not the document repository. This provides ultimate flexibility with secure access.