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Six Sigma

Six Sigma SmartSuite by Ingenuus


For many organizations, Six Sigma is just a metric of quality that the organization is trying to achieve and maintain. An organization that has achieved Six Sigma quality level has achieved near perfection in the process that is being monitored. In numeric terms, this means that the process must not produce more than 3.4 defects per million units of their process output.


Six Sigma processes are executed by personnel trained in this methodology – the Six Sigma Green Belts and Six Sigma Black Belts. According to the Six Sigma Academy the Black Belts save companies approximately $230,000 per project and can complete 4 to 6 projects per year. The main impetus of the Six Sigma effort at any company is the implementation of a measurement-based strategy that focuses on process improvement and variation reduction through the application of Six Sigma improvement projects.


Ingenuus provides the perfect solution for process improvement because we understand that a combination of methodology, tools, and automation is required to accurately measure and reduce variations. Ingenuus Process Orchestrator™ is a unique combination of software tools that manage business objects like TasksForms, Processes, Business Rules, Documents, and Products to bring power to the process.  Powered by the Ingenuus Process Orchestrator™ we have created the Process Optimization Pyramid™ framework. Using the Pyramid, companies can create a process optimization platform or “portal” that increases productivity and optimization with the achievement of each level. The Ingenuus Pyramid framework helps companies map out an optimization strategy while at the same time establishing a corporate wide process optimization platform. Companies using the Pyramid can start documenting processes immediately, without automating them.