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Process Management

The real driving force for process optimization is efficiency. Business Line Managers understand that if they can make their processes more efficient, it will improve their company's bottom line. 

Over the last several decades, the few companies that have been looking at ways to optimize processes have tried many different methodologies. Many have succeeded in improving their processes but, over time they have reached the point of diminishing returns. They believe that they have squeezed out as much efficiency as they can. So, what is their next step? 

We believe that there is significant potential for gains in process optimization. And, we see a couple of ways to catch this next big wave of efficiency.

Implement a Process to Document and Improve processes 

We call it a ‘process optimization process’. Companies have tried many strategies to improve their processes. Some have only informal, unwritten processes in place to improve their processes. Others, companies embracing Six Sigma, have identified a couple of processes for their process improvements: DMAIC [Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control] & DMADV [Define, Measure, Analyze, Design and Verify].

Keeping in mind that the objective of process improvement is ‘improvement’, how do you know when you are successful? Most of the pundits we read will recommend that you begin with the ‘as is’ of your process. They say you should define the steps of the process and measure how long this process takes. They will say that without that information, you will never know if you have actually made improvements. But collecting this information takes a lot of time.

Ingenuus uses a straightforward approach to automate the documentation of your processes. Our Plan2Profit program can help your company create a process respository rapidly, immediately helping you to be more efficient and profitable.

Process Optimization will drive efficiency and cut costs in the following areas: 

Reduced costs 
Shortened cycle times 
Shortened audits 
Increased throughput 
Improved quality 
Improved morale 
A Competitive Advantage