ï»?!DOCTYPE html> Driving Profitability - One Process At A Time
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Our Unique Approach

Ingenuus is more than just a Business Process Management solution.

We call it "BPMplus". It's a simplified philosophy of process optimization coupled with inexpensive, robust, configurable BPM software that can manage and optimize processes, documents and bills of materials.

We firmly believe that BPM is something you do, not something you buy. It is a philosophy, an approach. Something you can do manually, or with various manual and software tools. At the end of the day, if you want to automate, or optimize, or innovate your processes, you will probably embrace some BPM approach. Your BPM methodology will drive your BPM software selection.

Ingenuus subscribes to a simple approach to process optimization and it drives our technology. We believe that an effective BPM approach will include the following objectives: optimization, alignment, and innovation.

Ingenuus has taken a simplified BPM strategy and developed a simplified software solution that fully integrates all the common BPM suite tools into an single solution that does not require integration or coding to work, saving significant time and money. We drive Efficiency through our simplified business process management (BPM) strategy to enable process optimization. Our objective is to put the power of process optimization into the hands of the Business Line Manager - the process owner.