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Integration Gateway

Exporting Options 

Manual Exports

Ingenuus can generate information from the database in comma separated
values [csv] or tab delimited file formats. This method is based on the Ingenuus
report writer and preserves all access control implemented on the

Automatic Exports [flat file publish]

At a designated step in the process, pre-determined data is formatted and
published to a comma separated, tab delimited or XML file and stored in a
target directory. Optionally, the user can also configure this process step to
trigger an import of this data into one or more 3rd party systems and report
the results of such imports back to the Ingenuus user.

Automatic Publish [EAI]

Instead of generating a flat file, we use our enterprise application integration
interface (Ingenuus Integration Gateway). At any trigger point, our software
will format and publish the data directly to an external source.

In addition, Ingenuus’ Consulting can provide custom database views for use
with other business intelligence systems that can read data from a SQL database.
We recommend that this option be used only for management and administrative
purposes because it bypasses the elaborate access control available
within the Ingenuus system.

Importing Options 

Application Integration [hosted integration] 

Ingenuus can import data from any application to be displayed in existing or custom fields on the Ingenuus screens. Currently, we are working with our hosted integration partner on an integration to Salesforce.com to integrate Ingenuus with Salesforce for contract management. Virtually any other application can be integrated with Ingenuus using this SaaS product.