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ISO 9001

ISO Quality Management SmartSuite by Ingenuus

Companies make a considerable investment in obtaining their ISO 9001 certification. However, they often don’t take into consideration that the investment in maintaining certification will be substantially greater than the original investment made in getting the original certification. The focus on obtaining initial ISO certification often overlooks the real purpose behind this certification, which is to control the business processes that can impact the quality of the product and services provided to the customer. However, continued certification is dependent upon the company employees consistently following their procedures. How well employees continue to follow the procedures applicable to them will be very dependent upon how accessible those procedures are, that procedural training is consistently provided and including any procedural changes subsequent to initial training, and that employees are held accountable for their adherence to the procedures applicable to the tasks they perform. Continued certification is particularly dependent on the religious maintenance of required records as evidence of the completion of required activities and overall ISO compliance.


As stated before, Ingenuus ensures accuracy and predictability of the process. It also provides full visibility into the execution of the process to make internal audits accurate – thus making external audits a less stressful and in many cases a mere formality for the processes managed by Ingenuus. Specifically for customers that want to maintain their ISO certification using Ingenuus, we have created an ISO SmartSuite that includes the following tools: