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Document Management

There is more to document management than simply getting a document reviewed and approved. Managing a document's life-cycle is a bigger challenge. 

Ingenuus is able to manage document life-cycles because process definitions and controls are not stored in the document database, but rather are controlled via the process that manages the document. By "de-coupling" the document from it's process rules and definitions, we have created a robust yet flexible solution that can be tailored to virtually any document. 

Unlike other document management products that try to store process status and access information in relationship to the document requiring document administrators to concieve every possible need for access control at each defined status (this is why most document management products don't like lots of process steps), Ingenuus controls doucment status and access via the process. When the processes changes, status is automatic. Access is controlled by looking at the process and determining who needs to access documents when.

Ingenuus also treats the document as if it were literally in a "packet" so that other information can be included. No more looking around for supporting data, or back revisions, comments or related changes. Everything is kept together making your process flow smoothly and efficiently.

Ingenuus can provide solutions for all your document management needs:

Contracts and NDAs
Employee documents
Human Resouce documents
Marketing requirements documents

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